We are on a mission to help millions of people across the UK reimagine the way they travel by creating a new culture of shared mobility. Get the Zwings app, find an e-scooter and start riding today!

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To ride in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Yeovil please download the app below:

Zwings is a community-first micromobilty operator. We have emerged as Britain’s leading provider for e-scooter and e-bike rental schemes. We work closely with our cities and businesses, and riders to meet their increasing need for sustainable, convenient and affordable travel that also allows for social distancing.

Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

Zwings are committed to reaching carbon neutrality by the end of 2025. Whilst we already run a sustainable operation, we are going further by partnering with leading organisations to reduce, measure and offset our emissions. We will provide your community with a clean and affordable car alternative to create more livable and healthier cities that will help you reach your climate goals.

Social distancing solution


In the midst of the pandemic, our e-vehicles offer a means of travel that is socially distant and affordable, thereby supporting individuals and communities making key trips. Plus, getting out in the fresh air to enjoy the electric thrills of a Zwings e-scooter or e-bike offers a welcomed uplift to mental health.

Driving positive behaviour changes

We believe that educating communities to continually evaluate their environmental impact for short urban trips is essential. We’re committed to creating long-term behavioural change when it comes to modes of travel.

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Take a ride in Gloucester, Cheltenham, and Yeovil with Zwings.

In 2022, our e-scooters and bikes will be available in several more locations across the UK. Stay tuned!

Check out the Zwings mobile app to find the nearest parking bay location to you. We welcome you to get in touch via if you would like to request a parking bay to be laid in a specific area (for example, near your house or office). We are eager to continually enhance our service to best support the needs of our local communities.