Zwings for Employers

A perk to be proud of, while increasing employee retention rates and productivity.

Micro-mobility as a benefit for your business

Benefits for your employees

Increase motivation by offering fun vehicles to move around

Save costs and time

E-mobility gets you around faster, saving time and money


All scooters have legal liability insurance

100% sustainable

Lower your carbon footprint and implement a fun sustainable perk to your business

E-bikes and e-scooters

Top quality vehicles with a long range and 25km/h speed

Service included

Hassle free service as we take care of all maintenance and repairs

Get Zwings for Business

Turnkey micro-mobility solutions for businesses and governments including hardware, software and insurance.

Providing essential services: Zwings offers unlimited free rides to key workers during 2nd and 3rd lockdown

E-scooter & E-bike Fleet

Your fleet of market leading e-scooters or e-bikes can range in size from 4 to 2000+ vehicles. They can be branded to show your organisation’s logos or those of a sponsor. We will install docking stations to house and charge your vehicles.

Award Winning Software

The Zwings mobile app allows for your riders to rent an e-scooter or e-bike with ease. Meanwhile, we will provide you access to the Zwings fleet management dashboard to see the fleet’s usage data. Your dedicated account manager will provide you regular analytical reports.

Maintenance, Insurance & Account Management

We provide all of the support infrastructure necessary to keep your fleet fully operational, including maintenance. Similarly, our fully comprehensive insurance policies will give you peace of mind. The friendly Zwings team is available 7 days a week.

How to get started

Get in touch!

Let us know about your objectives. Are you looking for a social distancing solution or an alternative to cars? Or perhaps you are looking for a new income stream?


Our passionate team will design and deliver to your location a bespoke e-scooter or e-bike fleet solution to meet your needs.

See the value

Our specialist support team, including a dedicated account manager and maintenance provider, will be sure to look after you throughout your time with us.

Get Zwings for Business

All-inclusive micromobility for a flexible rental fee – rent e-scooters and e-bikes including software and service anywhere in the UK.