Providing essential services: Zwings offers unlimited free rides to key workers during 2nd and 3rd lockdown
  • Where can I find the Zwings app to ride?

    To take a ride with Zwings, you will need to download the Zwings app on your smart device.

    You can download the Zwings app for free on your smart device by following the link for your respective device below:

    Once you install the app, follow the instructions and Sign Up!

  • Do I need a driver’s licence? (yes)

    To rent an e-scooter from any company in the UK, every Rider must have a minimum of a provisional driving license and must be a minimum of 16 years old. This is a legal requirement and has been set by the DfT (https://bit.ly/3n9FtIm) to help promote responsible riding and to encourage people to feel accountable for potentially dangerous scooting.

  • How do I verify my licence?

    Please have your valid driving license ready to be verified. This is a one time check before you start your very first ride. You will need to scan the front and back on the driving license followed by taking a quick selfie.

    Please ensure the licence is legible and that the flash doesn’t block the information on your licence.

    You will receive an email and in-app notification once your licence has been verified informing you that you’re ready to ride!

  • Updated app – How do I reactivate my account?

    Please download our updated app and follow the steps below to reactive your Zwings account:
    1. Enter the email associated to your Zwings account
    2. Click forgot password
    3. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password
    4. Once reset, you can enter your Zwings account on our updated app

    We look forward to hearing your feedback and enjoy the ride!

  • How much does it cost to ride?

    A ride costs £1  to unlock and 15p per minute.


  • How can I see my Zwings Credits?

    With our app update, we have changed our credit system.

    1 penny is now worth 1 credit.

    As an example, if you add £5 to your account, you will receive 500 credits.

    You can find how many credits you have by following the steps below:

    1. Go to Account (you may end up on our credits package page – please simply click back)
    2. You will then end up in the Promo code section of the app and can see how many credits you have left under free minutes left.

    For any questions relating to this please contact our support team support@zwings.co.uk

  • How do I upload a promo code?

    To insert a promo please follow the steps below:

    1. Go the main menu of our app and select Account.
    2. Click back on the default page showing our credit packages. From there, you will land in the Promo code section of our app.
    3. Click the + sign and insert your promo code.
    4. Once the code has been applied, your free credits will appear under free minutes left  (in the Promo code section of our app). Please keep in mind that 1 credit is worth 1 penny.
  • How can I change/update my payment method?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Account (push “back” to the credit packages which open as the default page),
    2. You will see the main menu on the top (starting on promo code) and you want to slide it towards the left (via email) until you get to Payment.
    3. Click on the credit card symbol and then click + sign to add your new payment method.
  • What are the new app features?

    We have updated our app! Some new features include:

    • Improved geo-fencing around parking bays to create more ease when ending a ride
    • Ability to edit and change information directly from your account
    • Ability to create invoices for rides
    • Referral program – refer a friend using your unique code (found under Account – Promo code) to give and receive free Zwings credits
  • What should I do before starting my ride?

    You should conduct a brief safety check before riding – ensure the brakes and lights are working, and that the tires are undamaged. Zwings will always remove scooters that are not fully functional to conduct a safety assessment before redeploying or replacing them, however, if you happen to come across a scooter that is damaged, please report it through the app and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible. You should also sanitise your hands and the handlebars, when possible, before and after riding the scooter. This helps keep you and other residents safe.

  • Why am I receiving an network error code?

    If you receive a network error message when trying to scan a vehicle, please ensure you have a minimum of £5 in your bank account.

    We have updated our system to further verify payment methods. This means that before riding any vehicle, we will verify that the card had a minimum of £5 balance. This is a verification not a charge. Meaning once verified, the money is immediately returned to your bank account.

    Please upload £5 to your bank card and try to scan the vehicle again.

    If the issue persists, please contact our support team at support@zwings.co.uk.

  • How do I unlock Zwings scooter?

    In order to unlock an e-scooter to start your ride, simply open the Zwings app and tap on the “Start Ride” button at the bottom of the screen. From here, either scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or manually enter the 3-digit vehicle code located beneath the QR code. e.g. ZWG 264

  • What are the riding/speed zones?

    To ensure we are catering to the needs of the entire community, we create these zones together with the local authority in each of our locations. These are geo-fenced areas that help to ensure the e-scooters are used correctly within the service areas. In this case, the Zwings app is your best resource to find out where — and where not — to park, to ride, to slow down or to finish your ride.

    A red zone on the map indicates a ‘restricted zone’. This means the usage of our vehicles is prohibited in that area. If an e-scooter enters a red zone, it will automatically decelerate until it reaches a standstill, and an alarm will sound advising you to return to the permissible area. You will not be able to finish your ride in this area. Once your scooter has safely come to a stop, simply walk it out of this zone to resume riding. We generally place red zones in sensitive areas, or areas of high footfall, so please be courteous and considerate in the event you accidentally enter one of these zones.

    A yellow zone on the map indicates a ‘slow-speed zone’. Your top speed is restricted in this zone. If a scooter enters a yellow zone, it will automatically slow to 6 mph (known as Eco-mode). These are typically placed in areas of concentrated traffic or pedestrian activity..

    Remember, whether you’re inside a yellow slow zone or not, you should always be aware of your surroundings, road obstacles, pedestrians, and other road users.

    In these areas, e-scooters will operate at normal speed, and you’re free to go wherever you like in these zones, as long as you only use the vehicles on roads or cycle lanes.

    Did you know? There are also BLUE ZONES, which you probably didn’t pay attention to, but these areas are no-ride zones. You must not ride or park there. These areas are outside of the Zwings operating zone. Please also note that if you cross into the BLUE area, your scooter will come to a complete stop and you won’t be able to end your ride. You must move your scooter back to the operating area to the parking bay to end your ride.

    Ride safe and remember to wear a helmet!

  • How do I start a ride?

    To start a ride, please always ensure you push off before holding the accelerator down as this kick starts the engine.

    If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us via the app or send us an email to support@zwings.co.uk and give us as much information as you can. Include screenshots if possible!

  • Why is my scooter stuck in Eco/Slow mode?

    Our maximum scooter speed is 12mph. We have limited the maximum speed in certain areas because of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Slow speed zone are marked YELLOW on the app.

    The moment that you leave the restricted/slow-speed zone, the scooter will leave Eco-mode and go back to running at a normal speed.

    Occasionally there is a slight GPS lag. This can be due to the signal of your phone. If the scooter remains in Eco-mode outside of the geo-fenced slow-speed zone, you can correct it by holding down the middle button on the handlebars changing the scooter’s mode from ECO to S.

  • Why is the scooter beeping and losing power?

    This means that the scooter is likely in a restricted or slow speed zone which is labelled as the blue or yellow zones on the app’s map. Users are advised to return to a service area (inside of the green perimeter on the map) in order to either continue using the scooter freely or in order to park it.

  • Why can’t I end my ride?

    If your ride won’t end, please always check the following:

    • You are definitely in a parking bay showing on the Zwings app’s map
    • Your location is turned on on your phone and have signal
    • You have phone battery so you can click end ride

    If you are still experiencing issues, please take a picture of our e-scooter in the parking bay and send it to our support team at support@zwings.co.uk. We will credit you back the additional time spent trying to end your ride. Please make sure you always notify our support team if you are unable to end your ride to ensure that our team is aware that the e-scooter is unlocked as could be vulnerable to theft.

  • My phone battery ran out, how do I end my ride?

    Please always make sure you have enough battery to start and end your ride in one of our parking bays. If this is a regular occurrence you will be fined.

    Please always either call customer support from someone else’s phone and we can force-end the ride via the admin panel or email our support team with a picture of the vehicle in its current locations,  the vehicle’s number (found on the QR code e.g. ZWG142) and the exact time you phone ran out.

  • Why was my ride more expensive than expected?

    Please accept our apologies if this is the case. Sometimes, a ride can cost more than you expect fo:

    • You didn’t end the ride in the app
    • You finished the ride outside of the parking zone and have been charged a fine

    If you are still worried about the price of the ride, please contact us at support@zwings.co.uk or via the app.

  • Why was I charged a fine?

    You have been charged a fine because:

    • You abandoned the scooter outside one of our parking bays and didn’t try to end the ride.

    For reference, our parking bays are marked in the app with a P sign. If you’re experiencing issues ending your ride, please send proof of the vehicle in a parking bay to support@zwings.co.uk and we will ensure to credit you back.

  • How can I suggest a new Parking Bay location?

    We love receiving feedback from our Riders so that we can continue improving our product and service!

    Please email support@zwings.co.uk with the location and reasoning for a new parking bay. If all the criteria are met, you will see you new parking bay appear on our app. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Why are there no scooters available?

    If there are no available scooters on the map, this may be why:

    • Our scooters are all either in use or have a low battery
    • Scooters are not available because of bad weather conditions (e.g. heavy rains or winds) or you are requesting a ride outside of operating hours. If this is the case, you will see a message when you try to open the scooter map.

    We apologize for any inconvenience but feel free to let us know about a scooter shortage in your city by sending us an email – support@zwings.co.uk

  • How do I report bad riding behaviour?

    Please email support@zwings.co.uk  with the time and location that the offence took place so that our team can further investigate and take action against these Riders. We really appreciate your help! Offences include but are not limited to:

    • Vandalism and Theft
    • Underage Riding
    • Pavement Riding
    • Two Riders on one vehicle


  • How do I report a damaged scooter?

    Please email support@zwings.co.uk with the vehicle number, reported damage and screenshots if applicable.

  • Why is my account blocked?

    Your account has been blocked for one of the following reasons:

    • Your payment hasn’t gone through

    Please either add funds to your payment cards, change payment method or contact our support team at support@zwings.co.uk

    • You have been reported multiple times for bad riding behaviour and you account has been blocked


  • How far can a Zwings e-scooter travel on 100% battery?

    The Zwings e-scooter has a maximum range of 25+ miles on a full charge, depending on usage. This is typically just over 2 hours of rental usage.

  • How are Zwings handling my data and GDPR?

    We work hard to protect your data and are in line with all current GDPR regulations. We track your data so that we can further improve our service and product. For more information about GDPR please visit our terms and conditions.

  • Feedback, Suggestions or Questions

    We really appreciate your feedback as we strive to continuous improve our product and service.

    Please send us an email to support@zwings.co.uk with any feedback, suggestions or questions you may have!