How to Ride

Lets get you ready to ride! Please ensure you read the important information below on how to use our e-scooters. Get in touch with our Customer Support Team: 020 3882 0611 or

Step 1

Create an account

After downloading the Zwings app on the Apple or Google Play store please create an account.

Step 2

Find your E-Scooter

Locate an e-scooter on the app’s map and approach it. The e-scooters should be located within the blue parking bays, labelled with the letter ‘P’ on the map.

Step 3

Verify your driving licence (1st ride only)

Please ensure you have your physical driving licence card on your person for your first ride in order to be verified. This is a 1-time check. You will need to scan the front and back of the driving licence followed by taking a quick selfie. You will then be verified, if the details are valid. If you have any issues, please send a quick selfie and picture of your licence to for our team to review and then manually verify, if approved.

Reasons your driving licence verification attempt may be rejected:

  1. You are taking a photo of a phone screen with the license showing (please ensure you have the licence on you)
  2. You are using an ID that has previously been approved in another account
  3. You are taking a photo of a person (selfie) who already has an approved account
  4. Photo ID and your photo (selfie) do not match
  5. You are using a fake ID to get verified (suspicious behaviour)
  6. You are using an ID other than the driving licence
Step 4

Unlock the vehicle

Scan the QR code using your phone via the Zwings app (the QR code is the white square with the jumbled up dots). This is found just below the bike or scooter handlebars. This will unlock the vehicle and start your ride.

Alternatively, manually type in the vehicle number found on the QR code e.g. ZWG320.


Step 5

Safety First

Please ensure you scoot safely and responsibly on the road and never ride on the pavement. Please use cycle lanes if they are available. Pavement riding creates danger for pedestrians, especially those with visual impairment. Please do not scoot under the influence of drugs or alcohol either. This is also dangerous for yourself, pedestrians and other road users. Any breaches of these rules can lead to implications including gaining points on your license and receiving fines.

Remember, you need to push off from the floor and then use your thumb on the trigger to accelerate away when at a standstill. This is a safety feature.

Step 6

Enjoy your ride!

Have fun cruising around your area or campus on your e-scooter or bike! Leave your car at home, skip the bus and enjoy an electric thrill to your destination.

Step 7

Ending your ride

When you want to ‘end ride’, please travel to a designated e-scooter parking bay (which is labelled with a letter ‘P’ and a blue box on the Zwings app). Once ready, press ‘End Ride’ on the app. You will receive a confirmation, followed by a jingle sound from the scooter’s speaker, to notify you the ride has ended. If you have any issues ending your ride, please call customer support.

Have any questions about Zwings?

RIDERS: If you have any questions about safe scooting, please visit our Safety and FAQ pages or connect with our team via You can also call our rider support team at 020 3882 0611.

NON-RIDERS: If you are a member of the wider community and may not ride our e-scooters but wish to provide feedback or ask a question, we welcome you to email us at: