Using Zwings E-scooters Safely and Responsibly

Zwings is making paces to encourage responsible riding on e-scooters through a safety educational campaign, highlighting the dangers of riding under the influence of alcohol.

Zwings Dont Drink and Ride – A4

Zwings is pushing to encourage safer e-scooter riding practices through its Don’t Drink and Ride Campaign which addresses the dangers of scooting under the influence. Safety is Zwings’ top priority, which is why we urge riders to take all necessary precautions while riding, like wearing helmets, abstaining from drinking or taking drugs before operating a scooter, and watching out for potentially hazardous road obstacles. 

Micromobility plays a critical role in moving people through cities and towns, it is essential to protect our riders and provide them with the safest possible scooting experience. Ensuring that residents have an opportunity to enjoy active and pleasant family time, Zwings is targeting key safety issues. We are focusing on keeping the riders informed, and guaranteeing that our services are being used in the right way for the benefit of all at this important time of year. 

Zwings is committed to encouraging safer e-scooter riding, highlighting the importance of not scooting under the influence of drugs or alcohol:

Riding an e-scooter under the influence of alcohol is both illegal and very dangerous. It could lead to collisions with other road users and pedestrians.

E-scooters are covered by the same drinking and driving rules as other motor vehicles e.g. car. You wouldn’t drive under the influence in car, so don’t do it on an e-scooter. 

If caught under the influence, the penalties may include: six months imprisonment; an unlimited fine; driving ban.