Zwings’ #SAFETYFIRST E-scooter Rider School

Zwings’ are hosting a #SAFETYFIRST e-scooter rider school in Cheltenham to promote safe and responsible e-scooting. We are welcoming current riders and new riders from across our trial areas. You will receive £10 free Zwings credit and a certificate for attending.

Please signup to the event on eventbrite by clicking here

Where and when is this event?

We are hosting the event at Bournside School, Cheltenham on Saturday 13th August from 12pm to 4pm. The event will be hosted on the tennis courts at the school. Members of the Zwings team will be there to guide you to the event.

What can you expect from this event?

Whether you are a first-time e-scooter user or an experienced rider, we’d love to welcome you to this #SAFETYFIRST e-scooter rider school.

You’ll have the chance to:
  • Test our e-scooters in a safe and controlled environment
  • Meet some of the Zwings team
  • Learn how to use the e-scooter (accelerating, braking, balance control, pulling away and stopping)
  • Find out how to behave on the road (signalling, speed control)
  • Learn how to use the Zwings app
  • Discover how and where to park
  • Ask us any question you like!

Zwings’ #SAFETYFIRST Demo Workshops: creating a culture of responsible e-scooting

Why is safety important for us?

E-scooters are a relatively new form of transportation. These vehicles represent a groundbreaking and innovative solution to a number of major challenges, but just as with any mode of transportation, they pose certain risks. At Zwings, we try to mitigate those risks through rider education and rule enforcement.

Some solutions to top safety concerns include:

  • Protecting your head

Wearing a helmet on our e-scooters is strongly encouraged. We encourage all Zwings riders to use a helmet through giveaways and other incentives. We continually educate riders about the importance of proper protective headwear through tutorials and in-app reminders.

  • Getting comfortable with riding

At our safety events, riders can test our e-scooters in a controlled environment, with access to trainers who will demonstrate basic manoeuvres. We work closely with local stakeholders to ensure our demonstration zones are in areas that are safe for e-scooting.

  • Minimising irresponsible riding

We have in place a fast and easy to access reporting system that enables residents to notify us of any misuse regarding our e-scooters.


#Safetyfirst Demo Workshops


At Zwings, we are very involved in community life. We want their trust and we know that in order to earn it, we need to create a culture of safety and responsibility around our e-scooters. The #SAFETYFIRST Events are part of our effort to show people how they can have fun, connect and ride responsibly.

Before you use the Zwings e-scooters, take a look at our safety regulations and make sure you complete the #SafeScooting questionnaire to earn a £5 offer code.

Please scoot safely and responsibly!