Zwings’ offers are here for a limited time! Find out how you can get extra riding time for the same price with the ZWINGS RIDE PASS limited offer.

ZWINGS RIDE PASS is a subscription service designed to meet the needs of our rapidly growing community of e-scooter riders. We aim to simplify people’s daily commute by providing an affordable, equitable mobility option and reward those who depend on e-scooters for their day-to-day transportation needs.

We noticed our riders love to have options, so aside from our usual 4 subscription packages, we are introducing 2 limited offers for our most popular ZWINGS RIDE PASSES: the £25 and £10 package.

What are the advantages of the special offer packages?

Are you visiting temporarily and wish to spend a week e-scooting? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try ZWINGS RIDE PASS, but weren’t quite sure about the benefits. Well, this offer was designed with you in mind. The £25 or £10 Zwings Ride Pass are 2 of our most sought after packages, and now you can increase the credits you got with them at no extra cost! Make sure you purchase them before 19/10/21, and you’ll receive up to 60% more credits for the same price.


Here is a breakdown of the offer:

Choosing a £25 ZWINGS RIDE PASS will get you an additional bonus equal to £15. Instead of the 2500 standard credits, you will receive 2800 4000 credits. This means more than 4h of free e-scooting + some extra change to unlock your e-scooter.

Please note that the £25 ZWINGS RIDE PASS is valid for 1 month after purchase.



ZRP campaign 10

With a £10 ZWINGS RIDE PASS, you’ll pay £10 and receive a 40% increase on extra credits. This means 1400 credits instead of 1000 standard ones. You can use these credits to get up to 1h and a half of free e-scooting.

Please note that the £10 ZWINGS RIDE PASS is valid for 2 weeks after purchase.


How to get the ZWINGS RIDE PASS:

To sign up for the ZWINGS RIDE PASS e-scooter subscription service, simply:

  • Open the Zwings app on your phone;
  • Tap Promotions on the sidebar menu or ZWINGS RIDE PASS in the Account section;
  • Select the ZWINGS RIDE PASS offer corresponding to your needs;
  • Review the terms and conditions;
  • Scoot more for less!

Don’t forget: the offer expires on the 19th of October 2021 so make sure you hurry up and claim your ZWINGS RIDE PASS. 

Please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team via or 020 3882 0611 in case you have any questions about the ZWINGS RIDE PASS service.

If you’re a first time rider, check out our note on the quiet paths in your location for good spots to try out an e-scooter. For other news, please follow our blog and don’t forget to download the Zwings app to take an e-scooter ride and get access to the new ZWINGS RIDE PASS today!