Better Mobility Experience: Zwings E-scooters Are Now Integrated Into Moovit Transportation App

Moovit Partnership

As more people are shifting from privately owned vehicles towards shared fleets and public transport, there is a growing need for all these shared solutions to be integrated into an accessible system. Zwings is happy to announce that our partnership with Moovit will make your commute even more convenient. 

Moovit is providing a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution to people all over the world. Zwings is now also part of the network of transportation providers that has joined Moovit effort to make people’s journeys more straightforward. When using the Moovit Mobility App, riders will be able to find all their local transit options, pay for their rides, see the estimated time of arrival for each option (along with lots more relevant information) all in one convenient place. We are delighted to announce that Zwings e-scooters now appear on the Moovit app in the following locations: Gloucester, Cheltenham, and Yeovil.

Zwings- Moovit app

The need for MaaS solutions in our cities

The way we travel has changed drastically over the past few years. People and policymakers are shifting their perspective and new modes of transport are being introduced into our city’s infrastructure as a response to the problem caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s desire to travel more sustainably and cities becoming overpopulated.  

In the transport world, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have driven the micro-mobility industry boom. Now people have more transportation options than ever before and more providers to choose from. Although the availability of options can empower people, we recognize that it sometimes may be confusing. In the Moovit 2020 report on Micro-Mobility Usage Barriers, they’ve found that too many apps and accounts on people’s phones, or the difficulty in finding a micro-mobility vehicle when required, can prevent people from using micro-mobility solutions.

Moovit seeks to mitigate these issues by creating a rider-centric experience for users. Taking into account the cost, time, length of the trip and convenience, people will be able to choose their preferred transportation vehicles and plan their journey from start to finish, all in one app.


Providing Moovit users with a full suite of travel choices is essential to ensuring that public and shared transport is more attractive than using a private car. It’s great to see organisations such as Zwings pioneering change to our mobility system and bringing e-scooters to UK towns and cities. This partnership means users have reliable, accurate and up-to-date information on the availability of Zwings vehicles at all times.

Luke Redfern, Moovit’s UK Partnerships Manager


What Zwings hopes to accomplish by partnering with Moovit

This partnership will bring Zwings one step closer to achieving our goal of creating a new culture of shared mobility. At Zwings, we are always eager to partner with companies that share our vision and are driving positive behavioural changes in our society.

We know that our riders often use e-scooters for the first and last miles of their trips and we look forward to seeing our e-scooters being better integrated with other modes of transport. In the South West, Moovit Reports show that 6.8% of riders use micro-mobility up to 3 times a week and that 46.2% of riders use micro-mobility for the first or last leg of their journey. In addition, Zwings’ recent data shows that 94% of riders were in favour of Zwings rental e-scooters being made a longer-term part of transport infrastructure. 92% of respondents considered Zwings’ e-scooters an effective substitute for short car journeys. Lastly, 40% of respondents had used the e-scooters specifically for commuting. 

For our riders, this partnership will mean time saved, less expensive journeys and a better travel experience. Moovit will allow riders to view the Zwings e-scooters available nearby, the estimated walking distance to the nearest parking bay, and the cost of the journey.

Zwings- Moovit Partnership

Let’s start a transport revolution together!

Together we can move towards transport utopia! No more time and money lost in traffic jams or finding parking spots. Use Moovit to analyze all your options and find the perfect vehicle for your needs. To access Zwings, download and register in our app and start riding in a sustainable, safe and fun way! 


It is fantastic to have partnered with Moovit to provide wider, quicker access to a range of transport solutions at the tap of a button. From short trips across town via e-scooter through to longer distance bus journeys we encourage our community to embrace the future of travel.

CEO of Zwings, Joe Lewin