Rider and Community Safety

At Zwings, we’re continually analysing our operations to identify how we can further enhance safety for our riders, pavement users (including vulnerable groups) and other road users such as car drivers and cyclists. It is therefore our priority to educate the public on how to ride safely and to mitigate any concerns of any non-riders.

We strive to make mobility safer and more sustainable for short urban trips. We maintain a dialogue with representatives of the visually impaired and other key stakeholder groups to continually enhance the safety of our rental schemes.

Zwings recognises that rider education and rule enforcement is essential to deliver any new transport service. We can deliver this through various communication channels both in person and digitally. For example, we are running safety workshops to show first time riders how to use the e-vehicles safely and to remind them of the rules of the road. This is reinforced through in app presentations and social media campaigns to remind riders of the rules of the road and the negative implications of misuse, including points on their license.

Rider tips: Ride safely, park responsibly!

  1. Make sure you are visible
    Ensuring riders are clearly visible by pedestrians and other road users is essential. Please wear highly visible clothing, particularly when scooting at night. Please scoot responsibly to ensure cars can pass by safely.
  2. Wear a helmet – safety is the new cool!
    We strongly encourage riders to ensure they put on a helmet before riding an e-scooter.
  3. Perform a pre-ride safety check
    Make sure all handles, brakes and wheels are in perfect working order before you set off.
  4. Be mindful of road obstructions
    Avoid uneven surfaces like grass, gravel, rocks and potholes. Always be aware of surrounding traffic.
  5. Never scoot on the pavement. Please always scoot in the road or in cycle lanes, if available.
    It is essential riders scoot responsibly and do not cause concern by mounting the pavement, under any circumstances. Through close consultation with vulnerable group representatives, we are on a mission to educate riders of the implications of misuse. Riding on the pavement or riding with a passenger can lead to accidents and can cause harm to a blind person and their guide dog.
  6. Park properly and ensure your bike or e-scooter is secure
    When looking to park your vehicle, please do so out of the public right of way — keeping walkways, driveways and access ramps clear.

For any questions regarding safety, please do reach out to us: