Covid 19 Safety

Zwings aims to provide a safe and efficient transport solution that mitigates the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the scooters have a net positive impact on the local government’s COVID response.

Increased Hygiene Measures

Zwings is committed to increasing hygiene measures to protect our riders and employees. Our field technicians disinfect each e-scooter up to 2 times a day using industry-grade spray and cloths.

We have also applied state-of-the-art Shieldex ® copper tape to the handle grips, which kills 99.98% of pathogens left on the surface – this further protects our riders and those that they come into contact with.

Hands, Face, Space

We encourage all riders to wash or sanitise their hands before and after every trip on a Zwings scooter. We also encourage the use of face masks, especially when entering a busy, pedestrianised area, and ask riders to check the latest advice published by Public Health England for their region.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

To further reduce the risk to riders, and those that come into contact with riders, we conduct a thorough COVID-specific Risk Assessment for each location in which we operate. This Risk Assessment is updated as and when required to reflect the current situation and location-based figures (such as local restrictions, number of new and current cases, and updated government advice). These Risk Assessments are provided to the local government and transport authorities.

Supporting Local Business

Now more than ever, a collaborative approach is needed to support local businesses to keep operating. That’s why Zwings is offering local restaurants and other places of business a discount on monthly e-scooter rentals to help staff make their deliveries in a convenient, socially-distant and affordable manner. If you are interested in learning about our discounted offers, reach out to us: