How Do Zwings E-scooters Keep You Safe?

How do Zwings e-scooters keep you safe_

When it comes to choosing how we go about our daily commutes, safety is a top priority. At Zwings, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of safety for our riders. So, what are the features that make our e-scooters safer? And what measures have we taken to improve the quality of our rides?

Evolution of the Zwings E-scooter

Your first encounter with Zwings probably came after seeing our distinctive sky-blue scooters on the streets. However, when we first launched across the UK, the e-scooters had a much different look. While they were a great hit, we noticed there were a few areas where we could improve. Since then, we have come a long way, adding new safety and visibility features to our hardware after listening to the needs of the communities we serve.

As we try to keep up to date with the market innovations in this field, let’s take a look at the main benefits of our hardware features.


old Zwingsnew Zwings

Previous Zwings e-scooters vs. New Zwings blue e-scooters

Increased safety and comfort

With enhanced suspension for added comfort and improved stability combined with the double brake lever system and puncture-free rubber tyres, the upgraded Zwings vehicles offer the safest, most comfortable shared scooter ride available.

Our sky-blue scooters are easy to recognize during the day, but what about visibility during the nighttime? We’ve got you covered with our double lighting system. Our front and rear lights, side and rear reflectors make you stand out from any angle, even after nightfall. In addition, you can make your presence heard on the street by using the rotary bell attached to the e-scooter. With a powerful motor, the Zwings e-scooters are equipped to offer a wonderful and steady ride when going up and down hills, or on uneven terrains. The dual hand brakes operate both front and back drum brakes for a smoother, more secure stop.

Our approach to safety includes not only Zwings riders but also pedestrians and the local residents. Each of our e-scooters has a number plate on the front and rear fender for easier identification, allowing our team to respond with precision to reports of misuse and apply the necessary actions. Moreover, the docking stations facilitate safe and regulated parking to prevent potentially hazardous street clutter. We are fully conscious of the impact the e-scooters may have on disability groups, which is why we are in contact with local councils and NGOs to help make our service more inclusive and safe for everyone.

How do Zwings e-scooters keep you safe

Improved rider experience

Our e-scooters are now even more resilient, equipped to face harder road conditions. Added suspension and improved wheels increase the stability of the vehicle making your ride smoother and more enjoyable. Designed to combat “the domino effect” (the e-scooters falling down when parked on the streets), the double kickstand helps the e-scooter remain in a vertical position, reducing the chance of causing a hazard on the pavement.

Keeping up with the latest innovations, our e-scooters are not only robust but also smart.  They have a built-in IoT device and integrated dashboard with a digital display. These features allow us to set up geo-fencing zones where your e-scooter will automatically adjust to variable speed limits to keep you, as well as the people around you, safe. Thanks to an enhanced GPS, the e-scooters are easier to locate, allowing Zwings’ local teams to react even faster when an issue is detected. We constantly try to enrich our rider’s experience, by responsibly collecting real-time data about rider behaviour and issues.

Committed to positive environmental impact

At Zwings, we work hard to introduce measures that reduce our environmental impact. We use swappable IPX7 rated batteries that have an increased lifespan and can provide a 55 km range. Overall, Zwings e-scooters can be used for up to 36 months after which period we make sure that they are given either a new lease of life or that they are recycled consciously.

We are diligently working on monitoring our emissions and our vision for the future is to make our service carbon-neutral and more sustainable.

New features for the safety of our riders

We are committed to always improving our e-scooters and innovating the way we travel so we are already thinking about the Gen 3 Zwings e-scooter.
These days, we know our phones are an extension of ourselves so our future e-scooters will allow for your phone to be attached to the handle to help you smoothly navigate within the city streets.

To promote the usage of helmets while riding, we plan to add a shared helmet to each e-scooter.

For added safety and visibility, new reflectors and indicators will be added alongside a new Gen 3 IOT. The Gen 3 Zwings e-scooter will be able to self diagnose and respond immediately to geo-fencing.

New Zwings e-scooter features

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