New Rider: Quiet Riding Paths

Are you thinking of trying Zwings? But you’re feeling a bit nervous riding on a busy road? Then Give Me a Read!

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some quiet areas where you can try a Zwings and get your balance before testing it out on the open road.


First things first, what do I need?

We recommend you use a helmet and some high vis clothing to ensure other road users and pedestrians can spot you. Before taking a ride, you must complete the registration process, which includes a driving or provisional licence verification, and perform a safety check on the vehicle to ensure there are no damages and it’s safe to ride. You can see all available vehicles to rent directly on the map feature of our app.


A few pointers about riding:

  • You need to end a ride in one of our designated parking bays, so make sure you know which one is the closest to you!
  • If you ever experience any issues ending your ride, give our Support team a call on the following number +44(0)20 3882 0611 or email us at! We are here to help!
  • Lastly, check your map before heading to a parking bay to ensure there is a vehicle available and when starting a ride, don’t forget to push off before holding down the accelerator as this kick starts the engine.


Alright, now down to business, where can I ride without being on a busy road?

* For a map visual, please click on the links in the city titles below



Cheltenham has a wonderful cycle path along the Honeybourne Line. This is a great place to get your bearings on the vehicle. We have parking bays located all along the Honeybourne Line starting from:

Additionally, this area has a slow speed restriction, meaning the vehicle won’t go above 10mph.

Another great location is Pittville Park. The nearest bay is Central Cross Drive GL52 2BJ (51.907697, -2.068717). Pittville Park is also a slow zone as it can be heavily populated with pedestrians. The vehicle will not go above 6mph in the park.


Gloucester has many quiet lanes and paths, however, the best place to avoid busy roads is to go for a ride along the Metz Way cycle path, through Abbeymead Avenue and up Heron Way. Further up Abbeymead Avenue, down Lobley’s Drive, you’ll find another perfect spot to try out an e-scooter for the first time. There are also many parking bays surrounding the road. The nearest bays are: 

Riding on a quiet street



Newcastle-under-Lyme is a fabulous city to learn how to ride in, with extensive bike paths running from Cross Health through to Knutton, along Cemetery Road, and all the way to Keele University. Please see below for the location and coordinates to the nearest parking bays:

And the nearest parking bays on the South of the city along the Lyme Brooke are below:

Watch out though! Before you leave our operation area, the last parking bay is at the bottom of Lyme Valley Parkway ST4 6PJ (53.002324, -2.216191).


Head over to the Nine Springs park to have a first ride surrounded by natures’ finest! Please note, only the cycle path along the Nine Spring is currently part of our operational area. Making it a great place to have a go away from other road users. You can find four parking bays at either side of the path for an ideal pick up and drop off experience. 

Don’t hesitate to check out our FAQ articles for any more information!