Xiaomi M365 Pro
Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter
Xiaomi M365 Pro
Xiaomi M365 Pro
Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter
Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter
Xiaomi M365 Pro
Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter
Xiaomi M365 Pro
Xiaomi M365 Pro
Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter
Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter

Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter

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Here at Zwings we're committed to being a retailer you can trust and we understand that sometimes, for whatever reason, you may wish to return a product.

Within 30 days of purchase

We operate a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you wish to return a product, please send it back to us unused and unopened. If you have made any alterations to the product or opened it we will always look to offer you at least a partial refund depending the circumstances.

Hurrah! - Next day shipping to anywhere in the UK is absolutely free and always will be! We mostly use UPS as they offer the best service. We will provide you a tracking number after you place your order so you can track your e-scooter on its way to your door!

For overseas delivery, we charge a flat fee of which is detailed within checkout and will contact you directly to arrange a delivery method that suits you.

Please do ask if you have any questions

We provide a full 2 year UK warranty for any electric scooter purchased through us. Unlike other sellers, your scooter does not need to be sent back to China for repair and we will perform all repairs in the UK.

We hold most of the spare parts in the UK and we have an extensive experience in repairing Xiaomi products and hold stock here in the UK. If we are required to order anything from further afield we will make you aware.

You can easily replace some smaller parts at home, saving you the hassle of sending your scooter away. We can run you through this if you unsure.

Our warranty cover includes:

  • 2 year full UK warranty on vehicle body
  • 2 year full UK warranty for the battery
  • 2 year full UK warranty for other electronics

Please note that we only provide a warranty service if your scooter develops a fault through normal use (as per manufacturers manual). If the scooter has been altered in any way or miss used, this included the firmware, the warranty is void.

We are not liable for any repairs which includes tyre punctures, disc brakes, kick-stand, lights, reflective stickers, cable damage or any other consumables which would wear out/occur within normal use of the scooter.

Customer Reviews

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The Xiaomi 365 Pro electric scooter is the update to the M365, the world's most popular electric scooter. The Pro has a 28 mile (45km) range and has a 300watt motor for increased power which provides helpful torque for climbing hills.

It is now nearly Summer 2020 so there is no better time to find an alternative to your existing transport modes with your very own Xiaomi M365 Pro.

As standard, each scooter bought from Blue comes with a 2-year UK warranty, (unlike many imports that have to be returned to Europe or China for warranty issues). This E-scooter

Team Blue's Opinion

This e-scooter is for you if you always want the latest and greatest tech upgrades. The longer range (13 miles longer than the M365) will minimise battery anxiety on longer journeys and when you may forget to plug the scooter in to charge. If you are taller, the Xiaomi Pro's longer deck (5cm increase) makes for a more comfortable experience compared to the original M365. The motor has also been upgraded from 250W to 300W to give better hill climbing ability.


Key Features

  • 300 watt battery
  • eABS regenerative braking system for an efficient
  • anti-lock, responsive braking
  • Front Headlights
  • Red tail lights
  • Digital display showing speed, distance travelled
  • 8.5" pneumatic tyres
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Quick folding design
  • Dedicated smartphone App
  • Air pneumatic tires for smoother rider and bump absorption



  • Max Speed - 25km/h (ECO: 15km/h; D: 20km/h; S: 25km/h)
  • Max Range - 45km
  • Max Climbing Angle - 12°
  • Rate Power - 300W
  • Max Power - 600W
  • Scooter weight - 14kg (1.5 kg more than the M365)
  • Tyre Size - 8.5 inches
  • Max Payload - 100KG
  • Charge Time - 8-9 hours

Be Careful to avoid the following when buying your e-scooter:

  • Replicas - these may look like a cheap bargain but may their parts can be very unsafe and unreliable, including the brakes.
  • Stolen products - don't waste your hard earned money to be left with nothing and no means of communicating with the retailer.
  • Illegal imports - you wont benefit from a UK warranty and worst, you could be liable for unexpected import duty costs.

At Blue Zoom, we guarantee every product we offer is sourced direct from the manufacturer and is approved for sale in the UK. For Xiaomi products, this includes a 2 year UK warranty!

What you are waiting for? Grab your Xiaomi Pro.