Meet Stephen Bee, Zwings’ Chief Operating Officer

Zwings is a community focused micromobility innovator. Our team is passionate about sustainable transport and together we have extensive operational experience in shared mobility. We recognise the need for sustainable, convenient and affordable modes of travel across urban areas and campuses in the UK to get to net zero. Today we’re happy to announce that Stephen Bee is joining the Zwings team as our Chief Operating Officer.


I have been impressed by the number of locations that Zwings have managed to launch in the UK in such a short space of time. They have proven that UK towns and cities are seeking localised and personalised solutions to support communities and their mobility needs.

Stephen arrives at Zwings from carsharing company SHARE NOW, and brings his wealth of experience in shared mobility. He will lead our operations and business development as Chief Operating Officer to scale our micromobility solutions across the UK.


Lowering the carbon footprint of transport will be one of the big challenges over the next decades, and as part of this we need to change the way people move about. Shared e-scooter and e-bike rental schemes have a huge potential to offer a sustainable alternative to car usage. Zwings is well positioned to be at the forefront of shifting people to more sustainable ways of getting from A to B.

Welcome, Stephen!