Get In Your Scooting Zone!

Get In Your Scooting Zone!

It is more or less clear that you ride on the roads and cycle lanes, and park in the designated parking bays. But what are those colourful zones that you see on the Zwings App map? Read on to learn more!

The screenshots of the Zwings map, showing different scooting zones


In these areas, e-scooters will operate at normal speed, and you’re free to go wherever you like in these zones, however, you only use the vehicles on roads or cycle lanes.

What are the red and yellow coloured zones on the Zwings app?

To ensure we are catering to the needs of the entire community,  we create these zones together with the local authority in each of our locations. In other words, these are geo-fenced areas that help to ensure the e-scooters are used correctly within the service areas. Therefore, the Zwings app is your best resource to find out where — and where not — to park,  to ride, to slow down or to finish your ride.

The screenshots of the Zwings map, showing different scooting zones


A RED ZONE on the map indicates a ‘restricted zone’. That is to say, the usage of our vehicles is prohibited in that area. For instance, if an e-scooter enters a RED ZONE, it will automatically decelerate until it reaches a standstill, and an alarm will sound advising you to return to the permissible area. You will not be able to finish your ride in this area. Once your scooter has safely come to a stop, simply walk it out of this zone to resume riding. We generally place RED ZONE in sensitive areas, or areas of high footfall, so please be courteous and considerate in the event you accidentally enter one of these zones.

The screenshots of the Zwings map, showing different scooting zones


A YELLOW ZONE on the map indicates a ‘slow-speed zone’. Consequently, your top speed is restricted in this area. For example, if a scooter enters a YELLOW ZONE,  it will automatically slow to 6 mph (known as Eco-mode). These are typically placed in areas of concentrated traffic or pedestrian activity. 

Remember, whether you’re inside a YELLOW ZONE zone or not, you should always be aware of your surroundings, road obstacles, pedestrians, and other road users.

The screenshots of the Zwings map, showing different scooting zones


Did you know? There are also BLUE ZONES, which you probably didn’t pay attention to, however, these areas are out of bounds zones. In other words, you must not ride or park there. So, these areas are outside of the Zwings operating zone. 

Please also note that if you cross into the BLUE ZONE, your scooter will come to a complete stop and you won’t be able to end your ride. Therefore, you must move your scooter back to the operating area to the parking bay to end your ride. 

Meanwhile, ride safe and remember to wear a helmet!

To learn more about safety rules for dark hours riding, or why you shouldn’t ride on the pavements and other important tips, follow our blog’s updates, and download the Zwings app to take an electric scooter ride today.