Zwings’ Fleet Marshalls Are Here For Your Safety

Zwings’ Fleet Marshalls Are Here For Your Safety

Zwings is determined to make your riding experience both safer and more informed than ever before. Zwings’ Fleet Marshalls monitor our e-scooters in each of our trial locations, upholding and embodying our commitment to operational excellence, Their responsibilities range from ensuring high parking compliance to educating first-time riders, and from deterring misuse to answering questions from the community.

Our Fleet Marshalls operate in close collaboration with local stakeholders and police, allowing the quick and seamless reporting of any misuse of the scooters.

Zwings’ Fleet Marshalls Are Here For Your Safety


We thought you might be interested in more details, so we took a step further and asked our Fleet Marshall Callum to explain more about his job in Yeovil. Here is what he said: 

Question: How would you describe the importance of what you do?

Callum: Being on the streets helps with reassuring both the public and riders of the commitment we’ve made to ensure everyone has a safe riding experience, as well as the chance to ask me important questions about Zwings. I know from interacting with people in Yeovil that some residents have had concerns and alongside local policing teams, we’re planning on doing a lot more to educate people on how to have a safe experience along with a chance for people to ask questions, earn free credits and much more.

Question: How do people react when you come up to help them? 

Callum: Honestly, people love having a face to the brand! I love interacting with people of all ages and discussing how we can do more for the community and improve our service for the riders in Yeovil. I’m in love with Zwings and have been since I moved to Yeovil, going from being an actual rider to being offered the chance to work with the company. I know the importance of the brand from both the client side and also the customer side making it easier for me to understand concerns and questions people have. I’m looking forward to meeting more people within Yeovil and setting up some meet & greet sessions, as well as demos and workshops on how to ride safely using our scooters.

Question: What is the most important issue you helped solve so far? 

Callum: While there are still many things that, as a startup, we need to work together as a company to resolve, I would say that the biggest thing we’re doing to resolve issues in Yeovil is tackling irresponsible riding behaviour alongside police patrols. We’re also educating people in Yeovil to use the reporting tools and speak to people like myself regarding concerns so we can find and ban the people who are responsible for the few reports of irresponsible behaviour within the area.

Question: What do you like the most about working at Zwings? 

Callum: Can I list more than one? I love working with the team, everyone in Zwings is like-minded and has the same drive and passion to make Zwings a brand that we all know and love! I think it’s honestly one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had the chance of doing, mostly from seeing people’s enjoyment when they ride on a scooter! But most importantly the team. Honestly, hands down some of the friendliest people I’ve met and I’ve only been around for a short period of time too!

Question: And lastly, do you still enjoy scooting around?

Callum: Of course! I’m always looking for an excuse to ride around and see Yeovil people’s faces when they see me rollin’ around with an e-scooter. Honestly, it’s such an amazing asset to have in a town like Yeovil.


As a local British operator, Zwings strives to deliver an e-scooter sharing service that is popular amongst riders but also the wider community. We are deeply passionate about building long-lasting relationships with each of our city and town communities. This began with generating various jobs for those in need of work, so we decided to move forward and are now looking for more Fleet Marshalls in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Chard, Crewkerne and Yeovil to patrol the busy areas of towns.

If you love Zwings e-scooters, feel passionate about sustainability, happy encouraging people to turn to our eco-travel options to replace car trips and are looking for a fun job where you will gain valuable career experience at a fast growing tech company – we welcome you to apply via!

Joe Lewin, CEO and Founder of Zwings

Zwings strives to educate residents about the benefits of e-scooters, and how to use them responsibly while providing a platform for all members of the community to easily raise questions or submit feedback. We encourage everyone who sees any misuse to submit their reports to the Zwings Reporting Form

Learn more about road safety, follow our blog, and download the Zwings app to take a safe electric scooter ride today!