#Zwinging closer to e-scooter legalisation

Micro-mobility evolution.

Zwings welcomes the announcement from the Government on e-scooter legalisation.

We welcome the announcement that the Government will take the steps to legalise e-scooters and create a new vehicle category to regulate them. Baroness Vere (the Government minister responsible) said:

 “Safety is also at the heart of our plan of creating a regulatory framework for smaller, zero-emission vehicles, also called e-scooters. Their popularity is clear and new rules are needed to improve safety and crack down on illegal use whilst unlocking innovation in this emerging, multi billion pound market

Currently riding a privately owned e-scooter on public land is illegal. It is only possible to rent an e-scooter from Zwings (or other providers) through the Department for Transport (DfT) trials. The trials have been a huge success across the country with millions of people using e-scooters for the first time.

Zwings currently operates three trials in Cheltenham, Gloucester, and Yeovil. Since we launched our schemes our riders have taken over 350,000 low emission journeys. The schemes have been hugely popular in the rural cities and towns that we operate in, providing a clear viable alternative to the car.

Zwings COO, Stephen Bee, said: 

The Government’s announcement is a huge step towards legalising e-scooters.Legalising e-scooters will increase access to greener and more convenient journeys within towns and cities across the UK.

The success of our schemes has shown that in smaller cities and towns, you can introduce e-scooters in a safe and sustainable way. In the locations we operate, e-scooters are now an essential part of the public transport network for residents.


  • As part of the e-scooter riders are required to provide a valid UK Driving Licence to participate. E-scooters can be used on roads and cycle lanes, but not on pavements. All e-scooters ridden as part of the trial are approved by the Department of Transport.  
  • Zwings is one of the few British companies that are operating the e-scooter trials in the UK. Our micromobility company aims to provide sustainable transport options in medium/small cities and towns across the UK.
  • We aim to deliver schemes that are localised to the needs of the communities that will use them. Our schemes are designed in consultation with local partners including: the local authority, places of higher education, other transport modes, community groups and local businesses.


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