Zwings Increases Awareness About Responsible Scooting During The Christmas Period

Zwings is making paces to encourage responsible riding on e-scooters through a safety educational campaign, highlighting the dangers of riding under the influence of alcohol in the run up to Christmas.

Zwings is pushing to encourage safer e-scooter riding practices through its Safety Campaign which addresses the dangers of scooting under the influence. Safety is Zwings’ top priority, which is why we urge riders to take all necessary precautions while riding, like wearing helmets, abstaining from drinking before operating a scooter, and watching out for potentially hazardous road obstacles. 

Micromobility plays a critical role in moving people through cities and towns, and over the Christmas period, it is essential to protect our riders and provide them with the safest possible scooting experience. Ensuring that residents have an opportunity to enjoy active and pleasant family time, Zwings is targeting key safety issues over the festive season. We are focusing on keeping the riders informed, and guaranteeing that our services are being used in the right way for the benefit of all at this important time of year. 

Zwings is committed to encouraging safer e-scooter riding, especially in run up to the Christmas holidays, highlighting essential rules of responsible scooting:

Riding an e-scooter under the influence of alcohol is both illegal and very dangerous

If caught riding drunk, you can be permanently suspended, fined and even receive points on your driving licence. Please scoot safely and responsibly for the benefit of all residents in your area. 

Never ride or park e-scooters on the pavements 

It can endanger pedestrians, in particular disabled people, including blind and partially-sighted people. When picking up an e-scooter from the pavement, please walk it to the nearest road or cycle path before kicking off! If you have any doubts about where or how to scoot, please contact our customer support team at or 0203 882 0611.

Responsible parking is essential

Please always park neatly within the white markers (using the stand on the left side, in line with any other scooters parked within the bay). If there are too many e-scooters in one bay, please find another nearby bay on the app. If you have any GPS issues, you can call our customer support team at or 020 3882 0611. Feel free to save this number on your phone, or find it printed on the scooter! Parking neatly and responsibly helps protect vulnerable people such as elderly people and blind or partially-sighted people, who might not be able to see the scooters as well as others.

Wearing a helmet is cool!

We strongly encourage riders to ensure they put on a helmet before riding an e-scooter.

“Safety is critically important at Zwings and we’re constantly innovating on technology, infrastructure and education to set the standard for micro-mobility safety,” said Joe Lewin, CEO of Zwings. “Riding under the influence is dangerous and that’s why we’re trialing this Safety Campaign to remind riders and help keep them and the community safe.” 

To educate our riders and prevent them from riding under influence, our team created a special Christmas Safety Survey, in which all essential rules are explained. Moreover, by completing the survey every rider will get £5 worth of free rides on their Zwings account to safely enjoy their next ride. 

Our Fleet Angels will be out and about over the Christmas period, checking that everyone is scooting safely. If you are lucky, they may even stop you to give you an early Christmas gift! In particular, they will be looking out for those using their bells in the busier areas of your region, so don’t be shy and ring that bell!

Merry Christmas and Scoot Safely!