Zwings Black Friday Deals

Zwings Black Friday Deals

Keeping an eye on the Black Friday deals? Looking to save some money? Zwings have got you covered, with some awesome special offers for a limited time! For Black Friday, with our ZWINGS RIDE PASS offer, we’re giving you the chance to enjoy all the Christmas scooting you want, with more minutes for your money than ever before. 

ZWINGS RIDE PASS is a subscription service designed to meet the needs of our rapidly growing community of e-scooter riders. We aim to simplify people’s daily commute by providing an affordable, equitable mobility option and rewarding those who depend on e-scooters for their day-to-day transportation needs. 

For this Black Friday, we are thrilled to introduce 3 limited offers for our most popular ZWINGS RIDE PASS options – the £50, £25, and £10 packages – that will be available for purchase in the Zwings app from November 26 to December 5.



  1. The £50 ZWINGS RIDE PASS option is designed for regular riders who want to continue to decrease their number of short car trips. With this special deal, you pay £50 and get 60% of extra credits on your Zwings Account, equal to £80 in total or almost 9 hours of scooting. This subscription expires 1 month after the date of purchase.
  2. Choosing a £25 ZWINGS RIDE PASS will get you an additional 50% bonus. This means more than 4 hours of free scooting plus some extra change to unlock your e-scooter. Please note that this pass is valid for 2 weeks after the date of purchase.
  3. With a £10 ZWINGS RIDE PASS, you’ll pay £10 and receive a 40% increase on extra minutes. This means more than 1.5 hours of riding instead of 1 hour. The £10 ZWINGS RIDE PASS expires 1 week after purchase.



To sign up for the ZWINGS RIDE PASS e-scooter subscription service, simply:

  • Open the Zwings app on your phone;
  • Tap Promotions on the sidebar menu or Packages in the Account section;
  • Select the ZWINGS RIDE PASS offer corresponding to your needs;
  • Review the terms and conditions;
  • Scoot more for less!

Remember, the Zwings Black Friday Deals expire on December 5th at 12 AM midnight, so hurry up and claim your ZWINGS RIDE PASS!

Please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team via or 020 3882 0611 in case you have any questions about the Zwings Black Friday Deals.