3 Simple Scooter Safety Rules For Dark Hours Riding

Zwings Selected To Present At The Police Roundtable On Road Safety

Zwings e-scooters provide people with a new urban mobility mode, allowing you to move any time, anywhere, in a socially-distant, sustainable, and riveting way! You can ride to work; you can ride to the shops; you can even ride to the photography hide you set up to get the image of a Tawny Owl you’ve always dreamed of (be patient, it’ll come). Whatever the reason, if you are riding late at night, Zwings’ team has prepared a list of 3 safety precautions that should be taken.

Zwings plays a supportive role to cities and residents, particularly healthcare workers and first responders, who are unable to stay home at the height of the pandemic.

Here’s the situation: you’ve just been to the shops (they’d run out of jam, which, let’s face it, is annoying – your evening jam on toast probably just won’t taste the same). You’ve already got over it, because you never actually eat jam and you never have toast in the evening, but by the time you’ve done so, it’s already getting dark (it’s England, in February, so it’s probably just after midday). Yep, there goes the sun! Should you still choose a sustainable and convenient way to reach your destination? Absolutely, but make sure you follow these top 3 safety precautions:


  • All our vehicles are equipped with reflective signs, but bright clothes will be a huge advantage as well;
  • Use the bell, make yourself heard. But not any way you can. Eg. don’t sing Driver’s License (shout out to Olivia Rodrigo), however tempted you are;
  • Wear reflective clothes;
  • Put a head torch on your helmet, if you can.


  • Make sure you respect other road users and pedestrians;
  • No earplugs, no phone;
  • Don’t cross at red lights (another shout out to Olivia Rodrigo!).


  • Remember, as an e-scooter, you are also a road user, so being focused is essential;
  • Slow down before the turn, especially on slippery surfaces;
  • Be extra aware of your surroundings, as it is more difficult to notice obstacles in the dark;
  • If you come across a guy dressed as a bat, seeking justice, best ignore him.

Zwings recognises that rider education and rule enforcement is essential to deliver any new transport service. We deliver this through various communication channels both in person and digitally. 

Your safety is our highest priority, that’s why our team checks the vehicles to ensure all lights are working on a daily basis. We have also added more information to the ‘How to Ride’ section which pops up all on riders phones when on the app.

Don’t learn by accident & don’t forget to wear a helmet. Have a safe ride whenever you want with Zwings!